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developing quality

Developing quality

A horse is bought deliberately, you look for an athlete and a friend with which you can achieve the level you want and who also meets the requirements you set in the field of character and health. We are happy to help you with this search.

From our own breeding and rearing we have a large number of horses for sale of different ages and on different levels. Since most of the horses come from our own rearing, we know them and their history well so that we can advise our customers on what a suitable match is.

Below is a selection of horses that we have available, usually we have more horses than we can show here so please contact us if you are looking for a specific horse.

We will be happy to meet you at our company in Tull and 't Waal

  • Accent Z

    °2010 Dark bay Zangersheide

  • Air Max Z

    °2008 Chestnut Zangersheide

  • Ceasar Z

    °2011 Grey Zangersheide

  • Donald Z

    °2012 Bay Zangersheide

  • Gabri

    °2011 Chestnut KWPN

  • Gamble ES

    °2011 Grey KWPN

  • Gazelle ES

    °2011 Black KWPN

  • Gillion ES

    °2011 Dark bay KWPN

  • Grieg S

    °2011 Light chestnut KWPN

  • Highlander

    °2012 Grey KWPN

  • Hosanne ES

    °2012 Bay KWPN

  • Ideaal Speciaal HJ

    °2013 Bay KWPN

  • Irindy ES

    °2013 Grey KWPN

  • Ivano

    °2013 Black KWPN

  • Kingsboy S

    °2015 Grey KWPN

  • Lola-Jay ES

    °2016 Grey KWPN

  • Miginia

    °2017 Black KWPN

  • Mozart

    °2017 Dark bay Oldenburg

  • Neroli van Strokappeleken

    °2013 Chestnut BWP