Toulon Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Nikita Jokinal de Bornival
Dirola Indoctro Capitol I
Vanessa VII H
Irola Larome
It's a Dream

It's a Dream has a beautiful bloody appearance and a modern exterior. As a jumper, It's a Dream has all the features that are needed for the current sport. He is very light-footed and jumps with very good reflexes and technique. Already during the performance test it's a Dream was praised for his fine ride-ability and attitude and his canter is described as light-footed, powerful, spacious with good suppleness. For the jumping parts he scored 8 or 8,5 on all parts, giving him a total score of no less than 82.5 points.

Father Toulon jumped at the highest level himself. Under the saddle of Hubert Boury he jumped to top placings in the GP of a.o. Spruce Meadows, Sao Paulo, Rome and Valkenswaard. His offspring such as Elky from the Indihof HDC, Toulago, Dadjak ter Puttenen, Fine Fleur du Marais and many other international products prove that Toulon inherits his jumping genes to a great extent. Dam Dirola is an elite mare and the half sister of the international show jumping Chance (by Heartbreaker) and Brooklynn (by Padinus). On the dam side, she is also closely related to the approved KWPN GP stallion Sarantos. Mothers father Indoctro also needs little introduction. If we go further back in the pedigree we see the stallions Larome, who adds the valuable blood of Landgraaf I, and then the stallions Ramiro Z and Farn. Thus, jumping genes are strongly anchored in It's a Dream through both father and mother's side.

Although It's a Dream is only at the beginning of his career, the expectations are high of this blood-made Toulon son. As a breeder you have the chance to use the valuable blood of Toulon that goes back to the legendary Heartbreaker through It's a Dream. In addition to his beautiful model, It's a Dream can add flexibility, reflexes, attitude and rideability and thus make an important contribution to modern sport horse breeding.

Hengsten op dreef in Zuidbroek

Met een mooie 2e plaats in de laatste voorronde gaat Herakles als 2e geplaatste naar de finale in Den Bosch

02 January 2018