Stal Schep

Stal Schep
then, now and in the future

Then, now and in the future


Schep Stables is a known term in the horse world. Schep Stables is set up by Egbert Schep who started trading horses at the age of 18. Although horses were present on the parental farm, they certainly did not receive the idea of becoming a horse dealer with open arms. Schep, already possessed by horses as a young boy, wanted nothing more than riding, but needed to get money to pay for the costs. That’s how he started early with trading horses, in order to provide the means to his passion. The trade turned out to be deeply rooted in the young entrepreneur and so it happened that, next to horses, suddenly 100 tractors would be on the dike or that cotton or camels were bought. Schep made many trips in his younger years, where he bought many horses in Russia and Denmark. At that time, the barn in Berkenwoude was a coming and going from horses and people. After some time the stables proved too small and Egbert and Annemieke Schep decided to build a new accommodation in Tull and 't Waal. In 1990 the stable complex was completed and the couple moved to the Waalseweg where the main activities of the company are still taking place.


Times change, that is what Schep experiences every day and that also means that the business activities have changed over the years. Where before trade used to occupy the most prominent place, today this has shifted more towards the breeding, rearing and training of young horses. In recent years, the sport has been enormously evaluated and globalized, which also requires a different business management than 30 years ago. Today, only the best is good enough and there is the challenge: to select in such a way that we can deliver the quality that is demanded in the whole world. To complete that mission, we need to give our all every day.


Quality through selection is, in short, our business philosophy and that is something that we will also be conveying in the future. We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied and that is the reason that we will continuously keep on improving our business process. Horses are living creatures and that makes the process extra special. From the birth of a foal, the first time jumping in freedom, an approved stallion to winning a Grand Prix. It is difficult to choose which moments are the dearest, but as long as we can enjoy all these facets with heart and soul, we will continue to produce top-quality sport horses. Worldwide, the level is very high! It is up to us to organize our breeding and selection in such a way that we can continue to provide you with top quality sport horses.

We accept the challenge, do you?